“Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside us, unplayed.” Oliver Wendell Holmes.

April 2016, I am fast approaching 50 next year and I am more than happy with that.  I never thought as a 16 year old that I would get here.    However, I admit upon reading this quote, I really started to wonder … just what is my music? 

Life seems so rushed.  Technological advances allow us to fill every single second of our personal and working day.  In our busy-ness, we rarely stop. To listen.  To savour time.  Time.  That precious non-renewable resource which eventually, runs out.  

Perhaps it’s time for me to build a slow hour into my day.  Too much?  Too busy!! Where am I going to find an hour!  Maybe half hour…to recharge, renew, to do nothing.  When was the last time I did nothing.  Turn off, switch off.   I read somewhere that even spending 10 minutes, just noticing your breathing is a great way to slow down.  Seems simple, breathe in….breathe out…    

So, this blog is all about exploring the simple, learning how to use a blog, working out if I get any benefit from it, perhaps it will become my way of enforced slowing down as I start to get back to basics,  gathering little pearls of wisdom as I build in my half hour.  Perhaps along the way,  I will work out just what is my music.

Why Chook Therapy?  Chooks are more than happy to listen, they have simple needs and always seem to agree with my musings as I tend to my other great love, my garden.

EDIT: 10.8.2017, am starting to gather together here articles/thoughts/recipes from my other social media sites Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.  I started this blog August 2016 quite tentatively as I noted that my world seemed incredibly busy and I was starting to apply some learnings to my own life.  I am still new at this blogging for example for the life of me I cannot work out how to get the font all the same size on this page!!  Pretty much sums me up, while I keep trying to rectify it, I move on pretty quick as it really does not matter, letting go of the small stuff…